May 02, 2005

welcome.jpgThis sunny spring morning brings with it the full, official, public debut of Since this site has at its core an interest in collecting and documenting the history of the hard-to-find photobooth and its often ephemeral by-products, it seems like a good idea to take stock of the history of the site itself, before we lose sight of where we came from in the flurry of contributions and accolades. Let us know when that’s supposed to start, will you?

I started my photobooth project in the fall of 2003. By the spring of 2005, when I folded it into this collaboration, I had 31 films, 8 television shows, 4 commercials, and one music video featuring photobooths listed.

In my Photo Booth Directory, I had 50 photobooth locations listed, seven of which were submitted by five different contributors. The booths were located in 14 states and one foreign country. I had personally visited the other 43, in ten states and one foreign country.

On May 1, 2005, was the 26th result in a Google search for the term “photobooth”; the result was for the 7th International Photobooth Convention page. Interestingly enough, the ninth result in that same search was for my Photo Booth Directory page, and the tenth result was for Tim’s, so we were both already well-represented.

I also spelled “photobooth” as “photo booth.” Tim and I, ever the trendsetters with hopes of creating our own brave new linguistic world, have agreed to spell it as one compound word. This is important stuff, really.

Brian | 1:43 pm | Site News

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