March 29, 2005

In yesterday’s edition of the The Daily Targum, the Rutgers University student newspaper, the Inside Beat section takes a look at photobooths near the New Brunswick, New Jersey campus. The article goes into a bit of photobooth history, and then profiles booths at 7B, Otto’s Shrunken Head, and the Manhattan Mall, all in New York City, as well as an overview of booths on the Jersey Shore. It looks like the author did some good internet research, as elements of the descriptions bear marked similarities to descriptions found in the Doubleperf photobooth listings. So long as it’s not word-for-word, we’ll forgive the liberal borrowing in the name of greater photobooth awareness.

The paper also offered a companion piece that attempts to characterize photobooth images as we might see them in a film or on tv: “Box #1: Confused. How do we work this machine? Crap, I wasn’t ready. Alright, here we go.” Unfortunately, the authors seem to have little experience with an actual photobooth, as they describe photobooth strips as having five photos. I’ve seen some with two and some with three, but most feature the common four photos. Any five-photo booths out there, Tim?

The article continues, “Photo booths, as you will be reading in today’s cover story, are a thing of the past.” I think the point is exactly the opposite; photobooths are everywhere these days, one needs to simply look, or to use a certain online resource as one’s guide. 

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    No 5‑frame booths to my knowledge.