53 rue des Trois Frères
Paris, FRA 75018
B&W, 4 per strip, €3
Photos: July 19, 2016
Last visit: June 16, 2023


Thanks to Virginie for the photos and info on this street-side booth in Montmartre, outside Fotoautomat's shop. The booth has been open 7 days a week since June 2016.

UPDATE 9/20/18: Thanks to Claudia for the detailed notes on this machine as of the fall of 2018: A strip is "still 3 Euros (doesn't give change and if you put in more than 3 EUR it doesn't count for the next picture, so in case you throw in 2x 2 euro coins, 1 EUR gets eaten by the machine); it has a striped background; and when you look inside the frame/mirror, you see a little skeleton moving. I don't know if they close it somehow at night because I've read in Google that they close it at 10:30 pm but we didn't get there to check it. The stool is quite low, and you can't turn it to make it higher."

UPDATE 11/12/21: Thanks to Pol for letting us know that this booth is still going strong.

UPDATE 3/26/23: Thanks to Eve for letting us know this booth is still turning out great photos.

UPDATE 6/16/23: Evangeline let us know that the booth is still running well and the price of a strip is now €6.

Contributed by Virginie Voisneau, Claudia, Pol, Eve, Evangeline