Galleria Shopping Centre

1245 Dupont Street
Toronto, ON M6H 2A6
Color, 4 per strip, $4.00
Photos: May 27, 2010
Last visit: February 14, 2015


Meags' report: "This booth is in small and almost deserted shopping centre. The booth is located in what would be the food court, though there aren't any restaurants. The photos are pale and have inconsistent white specks on them. It's a Model 17, which is very common in Canada and usually produces sharp pictures, so the quality is probably an indication of how infrequently it is serviced."

UPDATE 2/14/15: Still up and running, according to Jona.

UPDATE 1/17/20: Julie reports that she contacted the Galleria, and they informed her that the photobooth had been removed in the spring of 2019.

Contributed by Meags Fitzgerald, Jona