51 Townmead Road
Fulham, London, UK
Color, 4 per strip, £3.00
Photos: January 2, 2004
Last visit: January 2, 2004


After having no luck finding an actual non-digital photobooth in London - there are plenty of booths, but they're all digital - I had the good fortune of coming into the Earl's Court tube station at the moment when a Photo-Me technician was checking on the two digital booths there.

I asked him if there were any of the older booths still surviving in London, and he gave me a few places to check out: the Sainsbury's in Fulham, the Post Office in Queensway, and all of the South Thames Colleges. I was only able to get to the first two, but it's good to know that there are at least a few left.

We walked about twenty minutes from the Parson's Green tube stop to get to the Sainsbury's, and found the booth outside the entrance. Three pounds in coins gets you a very clear image from this new machine.

Contributed by Brian