Carefree Arcade

27 Ocean Front N
Salisbury Beach, MA 01952
B&W, 4 per strip, $2.00
Photos: July 16, 2006
Last visit: July 16, 2006


After visiting the booths at Joe's Arcade, I figured I was done, but decided to take a stroll around Salisbury Beach anyway. Down around the corner I stumbled upon this small arcade, empty except for a woman manning the cash register. The photobooth, a Photome Studio Model 14, took my two dollar bills and went through the motions, but returned no strip. I approached the woman for help, and she offered to have me open the booth, as she couldn't reach it herself. I took her keys, opened the booth, and peered inside; I couldn't see exactly what had happened, but my strip lay undeveloped on top of the tanks. She gave me eight quarters to try again - the machine takes both bills and coins - and I had better luck the second time.

UPDATE 6/22/14: Lance wrote in to tell us that this booth, as well as another booth we didn't have listed here, is out of order in a permanent-seeming way.

Contributed by Brian, Lance