The Hawk

468 W. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA 90813
B&W, 4 per strip, $5
Photos: May 12, 2023
Last visit: May 12, 2023


Thanks to Gavin for the info on this Model 21 booth.

"Immediately when you walk inside this small bar on your right-hand side, there is an analog booth. The wood exterior is different but cool looking. This booth turned out very clean B&W photos. It has an air dryer too, which is great for helping dry your pictures. This bar also has an older CD jukebox (where you can watch the discs flip around) packed with awesome music. The best part about this place is while waiting for my photo to come out, a grey cat walked right through the open front door and just sat in the middle of the floor. It then wandered towards the back of the room. From what I overheard someone there say, this cat shows up here all the time. Must be a regular at this joint! :)"

Contributed by Gavin