Barnone II

3000 E Ray Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Color, 4 per strip, $5
Photos: March 4, 2023
Last visit: March 4, 2023


Thanks to Gavin for letting us know about this a new photobooth in a location where he had previously listed another booth. When he visited, the booth had been outfitted with color chemicals and paper, making this perhaps a unique booth in the U.S.

"Hello, finally sending this email to update the photobooth in Gilbert Arizona at Barnone. I was there on March 4th 2023, and was SHOCKED to discover that the booth was pumping out color photos. I took 3 pictures that day and due to time was forced to leave but then I went back before leaving on my trip and was able to take a bunch more. It was just way too cool not to go back. The photobooth is in pristine condition, there was a note on it that said it has been fully restored and it definitely shows, you could literally eat off it, it was so clean. This booth also turned out the best quality photos that I’ve ever gotten. The quality is indescribable, so worth the 5 bucks. The flash is so strong I could feel heat off of it when it flashed. The most unique/exciting part about this booth to me is the addition of a small vintage television set affixed to the top of the booth with a (night vision?) camera inside the booth so you can watch your photos being developed in real time! It was so cool to watch the inner workings of the booth."

Contributed by Gavin