North Star Pinball

3908 Blvd. St. Laurent
Montreal, QC
Color, 4 per strip, $5
Photos: July 25, 2018
Last visit: July 25, 2018


A unique booth in a great bar, this machine uses wide film and a modified camera to produce square photos. A strip costs $5, in the form of tokens from a machine. As you wait for your photos, you can play one of a dozen pinball games along the opposite wall. Thanks to Meags for suggesting we stop by.

UPDATE 6/17/22: During a visit to Montreal in June, 2022, I had one more chance to visit the booth, which now featured a sign that read "Please enjoy the last colour chemistry booth in Canada. Due to a shortage of film, chemicals, and parts, these will be its final days and weeks. $10."

UPDATE 12/27/22: Contributor briartara writes to let us know that this booth is now digital, a fate that was hinted at during our last visit (sigh).

Contributed by Brian, briartara