Q Bar

44 Oxford St.
Darlinghurst, AUS NSW
B&W, 4 per strip, $8.00
Photos: August 5, 2010
Last visit: August 5, 2010


This dingy hangout is hardly marked on the outside. The photobooth is located in one the back rooms near the billiard tables. The Q Bar is quite the experience: it's filled with hardly drinking age teenagers and is purposefully dirtied and trashed. The bouncer said that there were about 700 people inside that night, though you wouldn't know from the labyrinth series of rooms. It's only open at night and there is a $12 cover to get in (though luckily my friend knew the security guard and we got in free just to use the photobooth). It's $8, only takes $2 and $1 coins. Black and white. Only 2 seconds between photos. No model or serial # listed.

UPDATE 10/25/22: Anders reports that the Q Bar closed in 2015.

Contributed by Meags Fitzgerald, Anders