Union Pool

484 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: January 24, 2004
Last visit: September 30, 2021


A black and white booth back by the darts and bathrooms in this high-ceilinged bar under the BQE in Brooklyn. We took two strips in quick succession, but only the second set came out, leaving the first lost in developing solution ether. Most of the photos were too blown-out, but on one strip, the second frame was full of gradation, at random. Take your time, even though the green light seems to tell you it's ok to take another strip.

UPDATE: At some point, the booth apparently went to three photos per strip, as seen here, but as of March, 2006, it's now back to 4 per strip, as seen here.

UPDATE 12/11/11: Stephanie let us know that the photobooth at the Union Pool is still going strong. "The booth is still there and in service. I had no trouble using it. It felt like it took quite a while for the strip of photos to come out so I was bit nervous waiting for it, but it came out perfectly fine and clear."

UPDATE 9/30/21: Stephanie let us know that the booth here is still working.

Contributed by Brian, Stephanie Tomashin, Stephanie Yung