Chapel Street

260 Chapel St.
Prahran, AUS 3181
B&W, 3 per strip, $4.00
Photos: August 20, 2009 / April 11, 2012
Last visit: April 11, 2012


Katherine writes: "The booth on Chapel Street is outdoors on the outside edge of a small market, covered with a shade cloth."

UPDATE April 18, 2012: Katherine writes, "About the machine: it has been in its present location for many years now and is much the worse for wear due to being exposed to the elements and the vagaries of the attentions of late night clubbers. The booth is owned by Alan Adler, who appears to be winding down his business due to his age and the difficulty of securing stable locations. I fear this and the other two he owns at Flinders Street Station may not be long for this world. I have taken many strips at this booth. Unfortunately, the quality is extremely variable. In some ways I don't mind this at all as there is character and intrigue in every booth pic, but I do miss the reliably crisp, black and white booth shots of yesteryear."

Contributed by Katherine Griffiths