Sportland Arcade II

506 S. Atlantic Avenue
Ocean City, MD 21842
B&W, 4 per strip, $3
Photos: August 8, 2014
Last visit: July 17, 2016


Thanks to Luke for the photo and info on this Photome Studio Model 17A (serial #7930). He writes, "This photobooth was working and took great photostrips! My girlfriend and I took several photostrips during our vacation last summer using this machine."

UPDATE 5/13/15: An update from Luke: "This photobooth was not working. It is still there, however there was tape covering the bill & coin slots. We talked to an employee, and they planned to have it up an running by this weekend."

UPDATE 7/17/16: Thanks to Allison for the update and sample photo; the booth is in good working order.

UPDATE 8/18/19: Thanks to Hayley for letting us know that this booth is "still there, in working order, and a sight for sore eyes! To anybody who plans on using this booth, I suggest that you use dollars not coins."

UPDATE 8/18/22: Hope reports that this booth is now gone without a trace, and staff on site weren't even aware of such a thing ever being there.

Contributed by Luke Lowe, Allison Stancil, Hayley Treanor, Hope