Playland Arcade I

350 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Color, 4 per strip, $4.00
Photos: January 5, 2006
Last visit: May 14, 2012


Located in the middle of arcade, near the prize counter. On the viewer window there were some graffiti scratches, but they didn't show on the photos.

UPDATE: 4/9/06. The booth is a Model 21T, and the $4 are acceptable only in quarters.

UPDATE 5/14/12: Still kickin' in 2012...

UPDATE 3/9/16: Stephanie reports that both booths at Playland "are in sad disrepair and covered with caution tape. The workers I spoke to said they've been out of service for a long time and there are no plans to fix them."

Contributed by Ricky Romero, Brian, Stephanie