La Maison Rouge

10 Boulevard de la bastille
Paris, FRA 75012
B&W, 4 per strip, €3
Photos: September 20, 2018
Last visit: September 20, 2018


Thanks to Claudia for the photo of and notes on this booth, at least the third to be located at La Maison Rouge, replacing this one, which earlier replaced this one.

A strip is "still 3 Euros (also no change but the people at the reception / cash desk of la Maison rouge are friendly and change money if you need coins); has two curtains to choose from (one light, one dark); and you can turn the stool lower / higher."

UPDATE 1/24/19: Núria reports that the end has finally come for the booths of La Maison Rouge, because the location itself has permanently closed.

Contributed by Claudia, Brian, Núria