Coquitlam Centre

2929 Barnet Highway
Coquitlam, BC
Color, 4 per strip, $4.00
Photos: September 20, 2007
Last visit: September 20, 2007


While killing time as my boyfriend was having 2 1/2 hours of dentistry done, I wandered over to The Coquitlam Centre. I'd never been there before but they had an awesome new store that had just opened up so I wanted to check it out. There are numerous entrances but as luck would have it, I chose the "right" one. I entered through the WEST entrance and, just upon walking inside, lo & behold - A COLOUR PHOTO BOOTH!!

Oh my lucky stars that day!! Four colour photos for $4 in three minutes. I just HAD to take some and then I remembered to take a photo of the booth itself and send it in so others could enjoy this little corner of happiness. I did my shopping first and then took my pictures. It's located just inside the double doors, on your right. I gasped and was all happy to have this little surprise.

There are two background choices - blue or orange - and since my hair was purple, I thought the orange background would show up best. The first flash caught me off guard as it didn't take but like 15 seconds for it to get in the "ready" position.. or so it seemed. So I proceeded to make silly faces and when I walked out, a little boy was begging his Mommy to let him make funny faces for the camera. They stood there while my pictures processed in the 3 minutes time and when the Mom saw my goofy pictures, she decided that it was worth the four dollars. The boy was happier than having ice cream and I told her that should would have a moment in time captured and they can make excellent holiday cards.

Located about 25 minutes east of Vancouver, the Coquitlam Centre is actually really easy to get to. Plenty of parking, good stores and not that crowded during the week. Weekends, it can be over-run with teenagers but what mall isn't?

Contributed by Stripey