Ace Hotel

1022 SW Stark St.
Portland, OR 97205
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: August 7, 2007
Last visit: June 18, 2012


The photobooth at the Ace Hotel, Photo-Me Model 17A, is situated just inside the front door of the hotel, in the spacious lobby. The booth is advertised in the front window of the hotel, and is visible to passersby. The booth features a extra-long olive drab curtain, as well as custom etching reading "you are beautiful" in the outside mirror. It's a well-maintained booth in a popular establishment, and fits the hotel to a T.

UPDATE March 10, 2014: Ruthie let us know that this photobooth is now located at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.

UPDATE January 14, 2018: Amy Hughes writes to let us know there is now a booth at this location.

UPDATE 8/25/23: Nina informed us that, as with all analog photobooths at Ace Hotel locations around the country in the spring and summer of 2023, this photobooth has been converted to a digital machine, so the analog machine here is now inactive.

Contributed by Sara McCausland, Brian, Ruthie, Nina