The Trunk Space

1506 NW Grand Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: May 31, 2007
Last visit: May 31, 2007


On their website, The Trunkspace describes itself as "full of Experimental Theater, Performance, Music, Puppets, Weird Stuff, Circus Side Show Acts, Fine Art, Handmade Gifts, & Espresso drinks, as well as being a meeting place for artists, curious people and weary travelers."

Danny writes that "The booth itself is a Black and White run by Photo-Me mechanic who they also have a good relationship with. It is 3 dollars and the red light lets you know it is time to take an image. It's got a dark red curtain which you can see is very dark in the image. Without the curtain, one gets a very old-like blown out vignette around the subject, which worked well for some photos I took. The booth also has a dryer where the pictures come out. The day I took it they were a little contrasty." Thanks, Danny.

UPDATE 6/20/16: Andrew informed us that Trunk Space closed its doors earlier in the month, June, 2016.

Contributed by Danny, Andrew Kropp