Fountain Valley Skating Center

9105 Recreation Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Color, 3 per strip, $3.00
Photos: January 14, 2006
Last visit: January 14, 2006


The booth is located in the white building on the lot. The curtain is in navy blue, which brings out all of the colors very well.

Update: Anabell informs us that as of April 2007, this photobooth is gone, and a Boomers staff member "said that they did not have one and that he did not know if they ever did."

Update: This photobooth was, prior to September 6, 2007, labeled as being located at the Boomers location in Fountain Valley. Shereef clears up the confusion: "Boomers" does not have a photobooth, and it's not clear from talking with employees if they ever had one. However, the page suggests a white building. On further investigation, the white building adjacent to Boomers is a roller skating rink...poorly marked as a separate business and so it looks like it's part of the Boomers property, but it's not. The photobooth is labeled as a "Auto-Photo Studio" Model 21-E. 1988.

UPDATE 11/13/11: Kahanah has informed us that the photobooth here is now gone.

Contributed by Ricky, Shereef, Kahanah