1390 E. President's Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
B&W, 4 per strip, $1.00
Photos: July 3, 2005
Last visit: July 3, 2005


E. writes, "The photobooth is in the children's activity room (the room to the left of the lobby); it sits in the corner opposite the paleontology observation quarter of the space. The machine is having some problems -- the pictures are a blur; the first three pictures are full, and the fourth cuts off and leaves half the picture black. The booth is lovely."

UPDATE 1/8/11: Lauren writes that the UMNH is closed until the end of 2011, so this booth is inaccessible until the museum reopens. "Hopefully they will bring the booth back when they reopen the museum."

UPDATE 3/2/17: We've received word that unfortunately, the photobooth did not move with the museum when it opened in its new location in 2011, so this booth is no longer available at this location.

Contributed by E.Y., Lauren, Tony