Helsinki Railway Station

Helsinki, FIN 00100
B&W, 4 per strip, €5.00
Photos: May 12, 2005
Last visit: May 12, 2005


I didn't have much time to scout out possible photobooth locations before a brief visit to Helsinki, but main train station seemed a safe bet. In a side corridor in the main building, I found this machine, alongside a somewhat smaller digital booth with the same name. The photostrip was pricey at €5, but it came out nicely. The interior of the booth is full of signs that read "Lue ohjeet" and "Oikea etäisyys"; I didn't have a clue what they meant, but the booth was pretty straightforward. The area the lens captures is different than in any booth I'd taken photos in before; in the photos, my head is huge, taking up most of the area of the photograph, whereas two people's heads can comfortably be captured by most photobooth cameras. The photos looked particularly suited for use in a rail pass or other form of ID, which makes sense.

UPDATE 1/11/10: According to Marco, this photobooth is no longer located here. Two other photobooths are still in use in the railway station one of them may be this booth, in a new location.

Contributed by Brian, Marco