Broadway Market

401 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
Color, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: August 17, 2005
Last visit: September 9, 2010


Located on the second floor of the Broadway Market, a mall and mixed-use block in Capitol Hill, this color booth sits between the 2004 Greater Seattle Youth Wall of Fame and Gold's Gym.

As we were waiting for our photos to come out, another strip of photos, showing two girls who seemed to be focusing on the flash rather than the camera lens came out of the slot. We hadn't seen anyone around when we got there, so it's anyone's guess how long they'd been waiting for their photos before they left.

The photos come out fairly clear, but the off-line edges seems to indicate a tilted transmission inside the booth.

UPDATE April 14, 2008: Update from Phil, who writes "Im afraid the Broadway Market is gone. Its a giant QFC now."

UPDATE August 17, 2010: Jenny reports that despite the fact that the location is now a QFC, the photobooth in fact remains, a bit of welcome news seconded by Jesse.

UPDATE 2/14/11: A note from Alysha regarding this booth: "Just wanted to add some information about the Broadway Market/QFC photobooth. I went there on Saturday January 29, 2011 and was unable to get to the floor it was located on. It's on the 2nd floor of that building (the 2nd floor has Gold's Gym and Urban Outfitters and a mexican restaurant, La Puerta) which you can't get to after 10 pm. The outside doors are locked (so you can't take the stairs to the 2nd floor) and you can't take the QFC elevator upstairs to the 2nd floor because they close/lock that elevator. So just an FYI to get to that photobooth early!! :)

And now another update, from Aimee, dated May 9, 2011: "I went to the photo booth in the Broadway Market and it wasn't there! I asked the employees of Gold's Gym, and they reported that it was taken away last week some time. What a bummer." Indeed.

Contributed by Brian, Jenny, Jesse, Alysha, Aimee