Van Woustrad 4
Amsterdam, NED 1073 LL
B&W, 4 per strip, €3
Photos: May 4, 2015
Last visit: November 16, 2016


Thanks to Stefan for letting us know that the booth formerly located at the Lomography shop is now here at Hutspot.

UPDATE 11/16/16: I visited the booth at the Hutspot with Madri of Photoautomat Amsterdam, and can confirm it's still there and going strong.

UPDATE 3/28/18: Maura reports that the booth now costs €3, up from ‎€2.

UPDATE 3/8/23: Marion confirms that the Hotspot closed in December, 2021, so the photobooth at this location is no longer active.

Contributed by Stefan Köll, Brian, Maura, Marion