The Cobalt Motor Hotel

917 Main St.
Vancouver, BC V6A 2V8
B&W, 4 per strip, $2
Photos: May 23, 2014
Last visit: May 23, 2014


Fotoautomaton have let us know about their latest booth, at the Cobalt Motor Hotel in Vancouver.

"This strip sample is actually a found photostrip, hiked it lonely and prone from off our swivel stool. Came across it during replenishment a couple days ago.

"The booth is a Model 20, with a gorgeous blue-hued formica wall. We call this booth 'She Who Can Do No Wrong' as three months gone and not a single failure. Photos are $2. Cycles in three minutes."

UPDATE 6/30/18: Shan writes to let us know that the booth that was at the Cobalt is no longer here.

Contributed by JTA, Shen

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