Metro Customer Ctr. Wilshire I

5301 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Color, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: July 2, 2007
Last visit: July 2, 2007


One of the few photobooth locations in recent memory I've come across completely at random, this customer service center is located at a busy intersection near Hollywood, and I spotted the photobooth through the glass door while idle at the intersection one day. Using the photobooth was another matter altogether; the office has pretty unacommodating hours, and the first time I was actually around when they were open, both of the center's two photobooths were broken. This booth is missing a model number on the inside, and takes run-of-the-mill color photos for three dollars in bills or quarters.

UPDATE 5/14/14: Edward notes that this booth, as well as the other machine at the Metro Customer Center, has been replaced by a digital machine.

Contributed by Brian, Edward