Kmart 9328

2900 N Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90815
Color, 4 per strip, $2.00
Photos: June 19, 2007
Last visit: June 19, 2007


The booth is located just inside the sliding doors at this Kmart just north of the 405 Freeway. The Photo-Me color photobooth is only 2 dollars and has the option of red, blue, or no curtain. Unfortunately, there is no dryer to dry your pictures, but the quality is nice.

UPDATE November 20, 2009: Amy reports that this photobooth is gone: "Unfortunately the photobooth at the Kmart 9328 in Long Beach, CA is no more. I asked around and nobody seemed to know what happened to it or if it was just put away. :("

Contributed by Danny Minick, Amy Luke