Castle Park

3500 Polk Street
Riverside, CA 92505
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: December 19, 2005
Last visit: December 28, 2007


The booth is located outside at the back near miniature golf course near the restrooms. You can find it on the left when exiting the arcade to go to the golf course.

The last photo was cut off above 1/4 by black color on Dec 19th. On other visits, the black border did not occur. Coin slot not working (spitting quarters).

UPDATE January 2, 2008: As of December 28, 2007, Ricky reports that the photobooth has changed from color to black and white, and now costs $3, up from $2.

UPDATE July 11, 2010: Marina reports that Castle Park no longer has a photobooth.

Contributed by Ricky Romero, Marina