The Parkside Lounge

317 East Houston Street
New York, NY 10002
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: September 14, 2019
Last visit: September 30, 2021


Thanks to Emma and to Henry for both contributing info on this booth. As Emma writes, it's located "kind of near the back, on the right side, near to the pool table. It is a black and white booth and costs three dollars. The strip has 'Parkside Lounge NYC' inscribed on it. When the strip comes out a little dryer blows air on it. As usual it was still not completely dry, but the effect was wonderful none the less."

UPDATE 9/30/21: Stephanie let us know that the booth here is still working.

UPDATE 2/16/23: Marilyn reports that sadly, the booth at the Parkside is no longer here.

Contributed by Emma Horning, Henry Shull, Stephanie, Marilyn