Mutiny Information Cafe

2 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
B&W, 4 per strip, $5.00
Photos: September 29, 2018
Last visit: March 4, 2022


Thanks to Vince Dressel for the writeup on his booth: "Mutiny is a cool secondhand book & comics shop, record store, and coffee shop that also boasts a handful of pinball machines and a restored photobooth by Photo Bang. It's a family-friendly neighborhood institution and great tourist stop when visiting Denver."

The booth is a "Model 17 with a light grey exterior and dark grey interior. We operate the camera anywhere from f7 to f4 with chemistry at a constant 95 degrees F. We open the aperture as the chemistry ages over 8 week periods between changes. This results in slightly dark but always consistent and crystal clear portraits within black borders where guests always see all three flash bulbs in their eyes.

"I keep the photos styled this way because Sputnik's booth across the street produces very high contrast (sometimes blown out), white bordered pictures. People can get two different photo styles at photobooths that are directly across the street from each other. The photobooth was originally purchased from the Slowdown in Omaha."

UPDATE 3/4/22: Emily reports that the booth at Sputnik is still going strong.

Contributed by Vince Dressel, Emily