Forum des images

2 Rue du cinéma, Porte St Eustache
Paris, FRA 75001
B&W, 4 per strip, €2.00
Photos: July 24, 2012
Last visit: July 24, 2012


Meags writes, "This booth is located in the lobby of Forum des Images, which is in the busy shopping area of Les Halles. It was designed and built by Fotoautomat France for the first year of Rencontres de Photographie in Arles, France. The Forum des Images is supposed to be a new permanent home for it. Unfortunately it was out of service when I visited so I wasnt able to experiment with it."

UPDATE 7/15/14: Meghan reports that she stopped by to use this booth during a trip to Paris, but that it was gone. She was informed by a man working at the counter there that the booth "went out for repairs, but is now dead."

Contributed by Meags Fitzgerald, Meghan