Speaking Volumes

377 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401
B&W, 4 per strip, $6.00
Photos: October 7, 2011
Last visit: October 7, 2011


Speaking Volumes in Burlington is home to the only photochemical booth in Vermont (and in the area in general). Thanks to Nakki for sending us information about her booth.

A few notes about the booth: it was once located at Playland in Times Square in New York, where Andy Warhol and Patti Smith, among thousands of others, took photobooth photos. Nine years ago, Nakki acquired the booth and moved it to her studio, and then moved it to the bookstore a few years ago. The sign on top came from Montreal, but was original to this type of booth.

She concludes, "It is a moody machine, like its owner, and has its good and bad days."

UPDATE 5/6/22: Emma wrote to let us know that the booth has been gone from Speaking Volumes since at least 2018.

Contributed by Nakki Goranin, Emma