Photobooths Around the World


Underdog Film Lab (5/8/23)
The Blue Room (5/7/23)
Art Gallery of South Australia (5/7/23)

In their heyday, photobooths dotted the landscape in five and dime stores, bus stations, and amusement parks from coast to coast. These days, as big box stores take over from Woolworth's, and digital technology touches every aspect of daily life, old-style photographic process photobooths have been relegated to scrap heaps. At the same time, their antique status and nostalgic appeal have made them attractive to people with a sense of history and adventure, and photobooths have made a modest comeback, finding safe haven in bars, restaurants, art galleries, and out-of-the-way amusement parks that haven't yet felt the digital pull.

This list of photobooths began as one man's attempt to visit and document every photobooth in the world, a task which, while fun, was also a little unrealistic. We hope to harness the power of the worldwide photobooth community to help us locate every last old-style "dip and dunk" photobooth out there, to hold on to this unique part of history as well as to provide a resource for others who'd like to track down these treasures, or simply find something to do the next time they're visiting any town from Kissimmee, Florida to Seaside, Oregon.

Do you have a favorite photobooth in your town that you'd like to share? Have you discovered a hidden treasure on a cross-country road trip? Please, help us make this list as comprehensive as possible by contributing your photos and stories. Thanks, and enjoy!