Photobooth Artists


Nicole Gravier (8/29/23)
Henri Ughetto (6/13/21)
Eleanor Macnair (11/17/19)

The first name that comes to mind when thinking of photobooth art is Andy Warhol, the 20th century icon who famously used New York CIty photobooths to capture some of his favorite subjects.

While it could be argued that every photostrip is a work of art, there are those who have spent considerable time creating photobooth imagery with art as their primary aim.

Since the invention of the photobooth, artists around the world have used photobooth photos in painting, collage, film, and video, taking advantage of the photobooth's uniquely expressive qualities. This section chronicles these photobooth artists.

While emphasis is given to artists who work with photobooths as one of their primary media, we are also interested in including artists who have only occasionally incorporated photobooth pictures or themes into their work.

When at all possible, we have tried to let the artists speak for themselves by contacting them, or reprinting an existing artist statment.