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July 15, 2023

Another action-packed day.

July 14, 2023

A busy first full day of convention in London!

July 01, 2023

International Photobooth Convention 2023 - LondonAt long last, the 2023 International Photobooth Convention, organized by Autofoto and co-presented by, will take place in London, July 13–16.

Initially scheduled for June 2020 then cancelled due to Covid, the event is a much-anticipated opportunity to get together with photobooth artists, operators, and enthusiasts from around the world for talks, projects, classes, screenings, and other events focused on analog photobooths.

While the schedule is being finalized, we can note the weekend will include a number of artistic and technical workshops, visits to analog booths around London, and screenings focused on photobooths in cinema, presented by, including the following:

Saturday, July 13: 12:45 ‘Photobooths in cinema’ talk before 35mm screening of SHIRLEY VALENTINE at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Purchase your tickets for the event via Eventbrite.

More details to come!
We look forward to seeing everyone there!

June 24, 2014


It was a busy and inspiring three days in Chicago, and we’re sad to see it go, but the 2014 International Photobooth Convention is now behind us. We connected with friends new and old, talked shop, and of course, took loads of photos. Thanks to Meags for her peerless organizational skills, and to Anthony and the crew at A & A Studios Chicago for hosting the event. Needless to say, we were reminded all weekend how lucky we were to be putting on a photobooth event in a workshop dedicated to photobooths. 


We had a great turnout for the opening night. The halls were lined with art and we had eight operational photobooths: five chemical (four B&W, one color), as well as three digital machines.

Here’s a ninety-second slice of the opening night: music flowing, booth flashes popping, people having a great time.



Meags Fitzgerald (Two Hands Two Crowns, Edmonton, AB) kicked off Saturday’s program with a workshop on Photobooth Art Techniques. Participants were treated to an overview of contemporary photobooth art, with discussion focusing on the various techniques employed. Participants were then given a bag of props and tools to make their own pieces.


Todd Erickson (Photobooth Memories, Minneapolis, MN) and his wife Leslie drove in from Minneapolis to give the “Photobooth Anatomy & Diagnosing Problems” workshop. Todd is the “Photobooth Yoda,” a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the vintage booths and their inner-workings. Not only does he know the booths like the back of his hand, but he has also spent many hours improving the weak links in booth design and construction (improved camera knife springs and magnets in the transmission drain plug, to name a few innovations). If ever there were a photobooth hyper-miler, Todd is it.


For the mid-afternoon panel, Jocelyn Dean (Portland, OR), Matt Dewalt (Photo-matica, San Francisco) and Rob Oldham (312 Photobooth, Chicago) shared tales from their experience starting and working in a photobooth business. The crowd was regaled with stories of booths mistaken as bathrooms, unsatisfiable customers, and lessons learned.


The final panel of the day focused on collectors. Ron Slattery (, Chicago), Nick Osborne (Square America, Chicago) Nakki Goranin (author of American Photobooth, Burlington, VT), and Brian Meacham (, New Haven, CT) shared their secrets for navigating the wild world of eBay, finding vintage pictures, and storing them safely.


Brian capped off the evening’s program with an updated version of his “Photobooths in Cinema” talk.


After shutting down the booths for the evening, a small crowd of 25 photobooth faithful (plus one guy we ran into on the street who decided to join us — thanks, Brad!) all hopped on a trolley later for a photobooth pub crawl, stopping at four Chicagoland photobooth hotspots: The Rainbo Club, The Empty Bottle, Quenchers (A holdover from the 2009 post-convention photobooth crawl), and The Charleston.


The day began with a workshop lead by Anthony Vizzari that explored the use of the photobooth camera outside the booth. The group got a tutorial on making their own control boxes as well as a camera wiring diagram. Open air photobooth photos (and a good bit of silliness) ensued.



The final organized event of the day was a book launch and signing for Meags Fitzgerald’s new graphic novel, “Photobooth: A Biography.” Meags gave a brief presentation describing her process creating the book and signed copies afterward.


Read some accounts of the convention from those who were there:

The fine folks of Photo-Matica wrote a nice piece about their experiences at the event. Kyla Herbes at House of Hipsters has a very nice writeup of her time at the convention, as well. Thanks, Kyla and Photo-Matica!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Thanks again to Meags, Anthony, Andrea and the many A&A employees and volunteers who made this convention extra-special. For those of you who missed it, we’ll see you at the next convention in a few years. It usually takes us a few months to even think about the next one, but when we do, you can read about it here.

We’ll close with a great 360° panorama taken with the help (and phone, and app) of our farthest-flung convention attendee, Ksenia, who came all the way in from Wroclaw, Poland. Thanks for the photo, Ksenia!



-Tim & Brian

May 08, 2014


Our friend and longtime contributor, Meags Fitzgerald, just released her graphic novel entitled Photobooth: A Biography which she describes as an “illustrated history meets travel journal.” We would describe it as beautiful and ambitious. Several years in the making, the 280-page book is now available at North American comic shops and bookstores but you can get an author-inscribed copy here. Or better yet, come meet Meags and pick one up in person at the upcoming Photobooth Convention in Chicago.

Congratulations, Meags.

May 06, 2014

Here’s the tentative schedule for the 2014 International Photobooth Convention. It is just under a month away and we are getting excited. Hope to see you in Chicago June 6–8. Details here.

IPC Schedule

April 03, 2014


Our friends Ole and Asger, founders of Photoautomat, were featured on last week’s episode of BBC’s The Travel Show. It is a great piece and showcases a portion of their beautiful collection of outdoor photobooths in urban Germany.

See the full video here.

April 21, 2011

Jeopardy!Game shows for 800, please.

Answer: this person provides possibly the first and only link between Alex Trebek and the mysterious world of photobooths.

If you said “Who is’s very own Brian Meacham?” then you’ve just pocketed a quick 800 clams…

It’s true: Brian will be appearing as a contestant on today’s episode of “Jeopardy!” Tune in to see how he fares and whether he manages to slip a photobooth mention into the show.

Good luck, Brian.

UPDATE: Brian had an amazing 5‑game run and did us proud. Congratulations, Brian!

October 04, 2010

passportKateTyler.pngBrian and I were honored to participate as judges in the Best Narrative category for the Art of Waiting photobooth contest. There were quite a few entries we liked, but one stood out as the clear winner: Kate Tyler’s piece entitled “Alot can happen in 3 minutes…,” a portion of which is pictured at right. Kate’s playful exploration of immigration and assimilation tells an interesting story and makes great use of photostrips. Kate’s piece also took top honors in the “Most Out of the Box” category. Congratulations, Kate!

The other entries and winners can be viewed on the Art of Waiting website.

Tim | 12:48 am | Art
September 24, 2010

PocketboothIf you’re a reader, then perhaps you dream about owning your own vintage photobooth some day. Since this might not be the easiest dream to fulfill, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the world’s smallest — and least expensive — photobooth: Pocketbooth, a vintage photobooth simulator for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Now, you may ask why we’re mentioning a digital photobooth app on our site. While we don’t typically post about digital photobooths, this app is special for two reasons: 1) we had a hand in designing it and 2) all of the elements in the app are based on actual design elements of vintage photobooths.

While the overall look of Pocketbooth was inspired by the Model 11, much of the woodgrain textures and the delivery chute are from a Model 17 booth. Great care was taken to ensure that the booth is true to the look and feel of its analog counterpart. From the woodgrain-surrounded delivery chute to the red and green lights behind the reflective glass, right down to the size, proportions, and texture of the resulting photostrip, it feels like the real deal.

You might recognize the Autophoto Model 11 photobooth from the splash screen: it is none other than the beautifully-restored booth that belongs to Peter and Ina in the Netherlands, a booth we posted about last April.

The app is available on the iTunes store and is currently discounted to 99 cents. It will be returning to its normal price in early October.

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, or feel it somehow unfaithful to use this app, please continue to use our Photobooth Locator and find an actual photobooth near you.