June 10, 2012

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Now that the Convention is over, the art has been returned, the wrap-up has been written, and my office is getting back to normal, I’ve had a chance to uncover a lot of updates and contributions that I hadn’t had a chance to post in the last few months. Over the next few days, I’ll be making note of all of the new content on the site, starting today with Movies.

First, we have Christopher Nolan’s first feature film, Following (1998), which features a photostrip. Thanks to Russ for the tip.

Our friend Tara tipped us off to a photobooth in Step Up 3, where two characters take refuge to get away from a dance club fight.

Thanks as well to found photobooth pioneer Dick Jewell for letting us know about a photostrip spotted in Danis Tanovic’s film L’enfer.

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And finally, I’ve updated the entry for The Mambo Kings with higher quality images for the film’s photobooth sequences. The film uses a nice booth and even makes photostrips into an editing tool, so I’m happy to have been able to replace the horrible VHS transfers from 2004 with new stills from DVD.

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