February 17, 2012

Many of us gathered at the Musée this morning to hang out again, take more photos, and say goodbye to those who were leaving, like Jan Wenzel, Marc Bellini, and Nakki Goranin. Marco Ferrari initiated a multi-strip project with many participants that we hope to see the results of soon, and everyone had a good time. 

Last day at the museum

In the afternoon, a group of ten of us took a little field trip to the Swiss Camera Museum in nearby picturesque Vevey. 

Camera Museum

We took in all of the amazing objects on display in the large collection, and had a good time talking about cameras, which was not surprising. The museum was very impressive, but we lamented the lack of a photobooth. Mutoscope machines, magic lantern projectors, a camera obscura… but no booth.

After the museum, we all headed for some sightseeing, and took the funicular up from Vevey to Mont Pélerin for a phenomenal sunset over the Alps and Lake Geneva. Pictures were taken.

Mont Pélerin

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