October 09, 2011

We present today three new locations from up and down the Atlantic coast. 

First, thanks to artist and author Nakki Goranin for sending in info and photos of her booth located at Speaking Volumes, a bookstore in Burlington, Vermont. We’re pleased to have another new state added to our tally, and glad to have Nakki’s well-traveled booth listed in our directory.

Next, heading northeast a bit we find a color photobooth in the  Bridgewater Mall in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Thanks to our trusty Canadian correspondent Meags Fitzgerald for passing on the scoop on this booth, which is the first outside of Halifax that we have listed for the province.

And finally, we head southwest to Orlando, Florida, a city that we know has its share of photobooths, but which has been until now un-represented in the directory. Thanks to Le Milford for breaking the ice and getting us started with photos and info on a booth at Will’s Pub. We’ve heard stories of dozens of photobooths in Orlando over the years, and without a trip planned there in the near future, we’re relying on our readers to follow Le Milford’s lead and submit these photobooths so we can add them to our directory. 

Thanks again for everyone’s contributions, and we’ll be back tomorrow with another update on Photobooths in Movies.

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