February 22, 2011

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We’ll begin this second batch of updates thanks to IMDb keyword system with a great photobooth sequence from an ‘80s horror omnibus film, Creepshow 2. If you’d told me I’d see—spoiler alert—George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour gunned down in a roadside tourist shop in front of a Model 14 photobooth, well, I wouldn’t have believed you. But it happened, and Creepshow 2 is your proof.

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Next up, Bille August’s 1983 coming of age film, Zappa. The photobooth appears in a brief sequence in the film’s opening credits. The machine, with its “Fotografer dem selv” sign, looks similar to the machine in the Danish film Mig og mafiaen; is it a coincidence that the only other Danish film in our list also features a bare ass in the photobooth? Ponder that one.

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And finally, an episode of the U.K. television show Jam & Jerusalem. The list of films and TV shows that people have taken the time to tag on IMDb seems really odd: Buffalo ’66 is there, as is Beaches, but no Amélie, no Superman III, no The Band Wagon… Same goes for the TV shows: why is Jam & Jerusalem—even for this avid fan of BBC programs, a show I’d never heard of—listed there, while iconic shows like Mission Impossible, Happy Days, and The Simpsons are nowhere to be seen? Anyway, a shop photobooth is the setting for a brief scene featuring Rosie (Dawn French) and her alter ego Margaret.