July 12, 2010

Last year we took the discussion forum offline due to a few problems we were having with the software. After a few false starts, we finally settled on a solution that is more robust and easier to use than the old system. 

We are happy to announce that the new and improved forum is now live and ready for your questions, comments, thoughts, answers, tips, tricks, stories, and suggestions. We spent a lot of time and effort making sure all the content from the old forum made its way into the new version and that all existing user accounts were maintained, so if you had posted on the old forum at some point, please log in and re-start your account. 

We’ve reset all passwords, so you’ll need to have your password emailed to the email account you first posted with. Contact us if you’re having difficulty accessing your old account.

We’re excited to have all of the old discussions restored, and even more excited to have this resource back up and running for everyone to use. Please have a look around and add your cents. 

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