May 20, 2010

vienna.jpgSee update at the bottom of this entry.

This week is an exciting time to be a photobooth fan in Europe. Tomorrow, May 21, and Friday, May 22, will see the debut of two new photochemical booths in Austria and Italy.

First, from the good folks at Photoautomat London, we learned about the opening party for the first photochemical photobooth to return to Vienna. The event, advertised here with its “Do it like Andy” Warhol-themed poster, takes place tomorrow night, May 21, at 7 pm. We look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories about the event.

Photoautomat have a page up on their website for the booth, which joins their ever-growing European family.

Secondly, we heard from Marco in Italy letting us know about the booth that will be debuting this Saturday night in Florence. More info about the booth can be found on its website at

The opening begins at 7 pm on Saturday, making it easy for a true fan to get there from Vienna and take part in both events. We’ll have photos and an account of the event as soon as we get it, and will add location pages for both booths next week.

We’re really pleased to see these new additions, especially the first new booth in Austria, and are enthusiastic about the health of the photobooth scene in Europe. Thanks to everyone for letting us know about the news.

UPDATE 5/21/10: First, we’ve found out the new booth is not the first photochemical booth in Vienna, but the third. We’ll be adding entries for the other two soon.

Second, thanks to Ferdinand for contributing photos from the new booth at Pratersauna in Vienna.

Here’s a video of the booth being installed. Thanks, Ferdinand.