January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 from We’ve got some big plans in store for the year ahead, which is somehow our fifth year of existence, unbelievably enough. For now, we’ve got a few bits of news from around the web and around our site to bring to you today.

  • The last days of MTV’s TRL Photobooth are documented on

  • A weekly photobooth contest is held at Orlando’s Bar B Q Bar (from which we still have no listing… Central Florida, I’m talking to you):

It is a known fact that BBQ has the best photo booth. Sure, others have tried, but nothing comes close to this oldie but goodie. Set in the perfect little nook of the bar, complete with a flamingo and a snowman within reach for that rare moment of impromptu posing, this photo booth is the one all the others in Orlando wish to be. Many of my hard earned dollars have been fed into this ‘lil beauty and I am always happy with the result.

  • kills.jpgWe added a page of photobooth photos from the Kills (right), the most photobooth-obsessed band we know.

  • Also new, some interesting photobooth art, minus the photos, as it were.

  • Mark Miller was kind enough to send us some samples of his elaborate yearly family photobooth project, which he’s done for more than a decade using Chicago-area photochemical photobooths.

  • Photobooth artist and collector Rolf Behme now has a profile on the site; check out his work at his website.

  • And finally, a very strange indeed photobooth sequence from the old “Mission Impossible” TV show from Mozinor in France. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but the photos we see are altered and augmented with different people throughout the clip. You’ll need to watch it to really get it.

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  1. Yes, I have shots of all the booths in Central Florida!

    Will submit soon!