March 03, 2008

Some recent additions to the site, as well as photobooth news:

  • Photobooth auteur Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man behind Amélie, directed a video for ’80s French pop sensation Etienne Daho featuring animated photobooth photos, years before he and Audrey Tautou made photobooths hip again

  • One of our favorite photobooth locations, Faces in Northampton, Mass., has replaced their color booth with a black and white machine.

  • winehouse_pb.jpgGrammy winner and tabloid idol Amy Winehouse was snapped carrying a framed set of photobooth photos out of her London abode as she prepared to move to the country; apparently this is big news, and you can find photos of the photostrips on this blog, and this one, and on the Daily Mail’s site.

  • And finally, this bit is a little old, and we’ll have to do some more research to see what came of it, but Women’s Wear Daily reports on a vintage booth accompanying promotion for designer Stella McCartney’s products at Selfridge’s department store:

McCartney’s brand blitz at Selfridges isn’t just about commerce, however. Caricature artists will be on hand to draw customers’ portraits throughout the two weeks, and a one-man band commissioned by McCartney will play. The designer will also install a vintage photo-booth on Selfridges’ second floor, in which customers can take a shot of themselves for 1 pound, or about $2, which will be donated to the Red Cross. McCartney will make a personal appearance during London Fashion Week on Feb. 13.


  1. 1
    Molly Gunn 

    The Stella McCartney photo booth at Selfridges was a new booth designed by an east london photographer. See the Booth Nation website.

  2. 2

    Thanks, Molly. So by “vintage photo-booth,” I guess they mean “brand-new photo-booth.”