October, 2007

October 24, 2007 is and always has been the work of two people, who, for all of our geographical separation, still can’t manage to cover the whole United States, much less the world, and though we make it a point to incorporate photobooth-hunting into pretty much any kind of travel plans we have, it’s a lost cause without the help of generous and helpful photobooth enthusiasts around the country and around the world.

From Utah to Berlin and Latvia to Portland, we’ve received invaluable contributions from people who have helped our listings grow to more than 250 entries around the world. Now, admittedly, we’re a little weak on the international side, but then again, so it seems are the booths themselves, and we’re pleased to have the listings that we do, proving that while endangered outside of North America, old-style photobooths are not yet extinct.

Contributions to come in two forms: either a name and address of a booth location or the complete deal with booth photo and sample photostrip. For the time being, when we receive a contribution in the form of a tip about a location, we file it away in our ever-growing (though occasionally-shrinking) “To-Do List” of booths around the world, waiting for a time when someone contributes photographic proof, an occasion to visit the area ourselves and snap some photos, or the point in time (hopefully soon) when we revamp our photobooth listings. In addition to the current list of confirmed locations with photos, dates, and relevant information, we hope to list those unconfirmed locations contributed by others, mentioned in the press, or found on the web, in hopes that our readers will then visit them and make an official contribution — or, as the case may be, confirm for us that in fact, no photobooth at that location exists any longer.

Until that point, please take a look at our Guide to Contributing a Photobooth Location and keep on sending in those photos and scans!

October 21, 2007

The photobooth at the Fun Zone in Newport Beach, a mainstay of that town’s boardwalk, was placed for sale by auction on eBay this week, with a starting price of $999. The booth received much interest, but no bids at its starting price, and according to the auction page, “The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.”

Now, we don’t know if that’s because of a change of heart, or an offer too tempting to turn down that was received outside the eBay system, or another reason, but we’ll keep our eyes out for this booth, whether it remains in Newport Beach or moves somewhere else. 

Thanks to Ricky for the tip.

October 03, 2007

Amidst all of the news of Europe going completely digital, it seems one booth in Paris has either survived or made a comeback. One of the most frequent questions we get on our discussion board asks whether or not there are any more real photobooths in Paris, and it seems that a Flickr user has found one, at the Palais de Tokyo. It seems likely that the booth is there as part of an exhibition, and if it’s the current show, it’ll only be there until the beginning of 2008, so if you’re interested, head over and check out the great-looking old booth. 

October 02, 2007

Everyone’s got a photobooth proposal story, these days. People Magazine tells the story of Brian and Alli and the Dallas Morning News talks about romance at the state fair. Both stories feature a scan of the photostrip, catching the proposal in mid-moment.

And in other news, Billy Bob Thornton, who has himself proposed a few times, apparently owns a photobooth, which he mentions in an interview in the Times of London:

It’s full-on,” he explains enthusiastically. “When people come over they get in the booth and have their picture taken. I even have a book now, and anybody who comes by the house has their picture put in the book — even repairmen.”