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September 18, 2007

Who knew photobooths and tattoos went so well together? As the first season of L.A. Ink hums along and we watch tattoo artist Kat Von D pose with her friends and customers in her photobooth, we have news of another photobooth connection coming up across the ocean in London.

A Press Association report about a series of “urban landmarks; set up to promote Discovery’s new series London Ink mentions a photobooth sculpture:

A new urban landmark is being unveiled in the form of a giant statue of a man swimming through the pavement.

A week later, a similar statue will be installed on the concourse at Victoria Station, featuring a giant woman trying to squeeze into a photo booth. Her top rides up to reveal a tattoo of a pigeon.

The statues will remain in place for a few weeks before being moved to different locations across the UK.

We look forward to seeing what the piece looks like; send a photo our way if you see the statue.

UPDATE: Some Flickr photos of the woman in the booth — wow!

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