March 20, 2007

Thanks to the time and generosity of a photobooth enthusiast in Germany, our international photobooth listings have grown by five booths. As we near 200 photobooths in our list, we’re happy to have five fantastic-looking outdoor photobooths from Berlin in the database. Klaas first submitted the Rosenthalerplatz photobooth back in 2006, and this week, has passed on five more locations, all black and white booths that live outdoors and are accessible year-round, 24 hours a day. The photobooths are found on Zossenerstrasse, Warschauerstrasse, Marienburger Strasse, and at the S‑Bahn Rathaus Steglitz rail station (plus one more on the way).

Update: S‑Bahn Treptower Park has been added, bringing the total for Berlin to six booths.

Klaas’s photos are particularly evocative: check out the full version here and below the fold.






  1. These locations are beyond great, as are Klaas’ actual photobooth strips. Thank you, Klaas! Anyone know if there any Photoautomat’s in the U.S.? They seem superior both in booth appearance and image quality, to me anyway. Rosenthaler Platz is still my favorite, as I would love to take photobooth pics in the snow!

  2. 2

    There’s actually another one in Berlin (in Kastanienallee), of the same type. I’ve been there, but don’t have a photo ready. It’s this one. I’ll drop some photos when I’m in the area again.

  3. 3

    Thanks Mathias — Klaas is actually sending me some photos of the Kastanienallee booth that he’s already taken. He’s sent the scan of the sample photostrip, and I’m awaiting the booth photo, and will put it on the site as soon as I get it. Thanks again.