September 30, 2006

salisbury_beach.jpgIn between road trips this summer, each of which netted one solitary photobooth sighting (here and

here), I spent a brief afternoon traversing Massachusetts’ North Shore in search of a few remaining locations I hadn’t had the chance to visit in my five years living there. Now that things have settled down in L.A., I’ve had a chance to get the locations on the site.

First, I headed to Salisbury Beach, and to Joe’s Playland. Each of the two locations across the street from one another had a working booth, both black and white. The first was fairly normal, but the second was notable for its wider paper and three shots-per-strip setup, similar to the booth at Playland Arcade in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Around the corner from Joe’s, I wandered into Carefree Amusement, which was fairly deserted, but did feature a nice black and white booth. I had trouble getting it to produce a strip, but the woman in charge gave me her key to open it up, check it out, and try it again. Thanks!

I headed next to Salem, and to Salem Willows Park, home of the Salem Willows Arcade. I found two booths next to one another, one black and white and one color. It was nice to see that at the height of summer, all five booths I found were working, turning out great looking photos.

We’ve now got 18 locations for the state of Massachusetts, three of which were short-term at museums and the like; that leaves 15 photobooths around the state. I know I’ve missed a few at some metro-area malls, but I’d love to know if there any that have missed our attention in bars, restaurants, and arcades around the state.


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    Yesterday (October 27th, 2006), when I was in Salem for the Halloween festivities, I decided to stop at the Salem Willows Arcade for the photobooths. When I got there, I looked around the arcade and I couldn’t find them. I the lady in the “Change Booth” where the photobooths were, and she said that they were gone for the season, and they should be back sometime in the summer. Very, VERY disappointed, I left without any pictures. Bottom line: Don’t go to Salem Willows Arcade for the photobooths, unless it is during the summer season!

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    Wow — I’ve heard of an arcade closed for the season, and of photobooths not working for a season, but actually picked up and removed elsewhere? I’ll be sure to update the booth location pages to let people know before they go. Thanks.