September 28, 2006

james_dean.jpgTwo notable items from the world of eBay this week: first, a framed set of two photos purported to be of a young (18 year-old) James Dean. The photos, dated 1949, feature a Photomat label from the Terminal Arcade in Indianapolis, Indiana, and are described as follows:

In one shot he’s posing serenely, wearing the eyeglasses he needed to combat his extreme myopia, and in the other he is laughing uproariously sans glasses. The pictures measure 2.5″ x 3″ and are in metal frames, as was often the case with booth photos at the time, and are in Fine condition with a little staining and tarnish. From the James Dean Museum archive.

The auction is listed through eBay Live Auctions, and has an estimate between $640 and $960. The current bid is at $160. If you’re a potential bidder, be warned that the bid carries a 22.5% buyer’s premium as well.

Also in progress is an auction for a set of clippings out of a gallery catalog of photostrips of Edie Sedgwick, part of Andy Warhol’s Factory crew and subject of an upcoming film. The auction includes fourteen strips totalling 56 different photos of Edie. We’ll keep our eyes on both of these interesting items.

Brian | 8:19 pm | In the News

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