July 08, 2006

jacobs_samples.jpgThis half of is currently relocating from upstate New York to Southern California, and on the way, I’ve tried to find a few photobooth locations I haven’t seen before. Sadly, I only came across one along the road, but I also happened upon one here in Los Angeles.

At Sparky’s Roadhouse Café in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we enjoyed a great meal, a beer from their huge selection, and a classic Model 11 photobooth. The booth turns out some great black and white photos, and each strip goes for two dollars (or a little more) in quarters.

Yesterday, wandering along Melrose in Los Angeles, I spotted a photobooth in the Marc Jacobs store, a booth that is apparently only there for a short time as part of a promotion. The booth is free, “one per customer,” and is also a nice black and white, a Model 25.

We’ve already got a number of photobooth locations in LA, but I’ll be on the lookout for more now that we’ll be living here – any advice is most welcome.