July, 2006

July 28, 2006

blog_tex_tubbs.jpgJust as the first trip across the country this summer saw a new location or two, the second trip has spawned a couple of discoveries as well. First, thanks to the Flickr ‘photobooth’ tag feed, I heard about a photobooth at Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace in Madison, Wisconsin a few months ago, and last week, had the chance to visit as we passed through town. The restaurant looks like a great place, though we didn’t have time to eat there; the photobooth is located near the passageway between the two areas of the restaurant, next to the bar and in front of the kitchen. It’s a black and white, Model 21T, and costs $3. The customized sign on the front panel of the booth reads, “Smile real perty and pin up your pic. Make your mama proud.” Customers are encouraged to place their photos on the wall of fame, underneath the 8‑track player, in the doorway.

In music video news, one night a few states ago, Aimee noticed a photobooth in the new Jessica Simpson video that was on the tv in the hotel room; the director of the video, Brett Ratner, explains why the photobooth makes an appearance.

July 08, 2006

jacobs_samples.jpgThis half of is currently relocating from upstate New York to Southern California, and on the way, I’ve tried to find a few photobooth locations I haven’t seen before. Sadly, I only came across one along the road, but I also happened upon one here in Los Angeles.

At Sparky’s Roadhouse Café in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we enjoyed a great meal, a beer from their huge selection, and a classic Model 11 photobooth. The booth turns out some great black and white photos, and each strip goes for two dollars (or a little more) in quarters.

Yesterday, wandering along Melrose in Los Angeles, I spotted a photobooth in the Marc Jacobs store, a booth that is apparently only there for a short time as part of a promotion. The booth is free, “one per customer,” and is also a nice black and white, a Model 25.

We’ve already got a number of photobooth locations in LA, but I’ll be on the lookout for more now that we’ll be living here — any advice is most welcome.