May 15, 2006

sylvan_beach.jpgThis weekend found us heading to the amusement park at Sylvan Beach on Oneida Lake, north of Syracuse, New York. Thanks to the ever-useful LiveJournal photobooth community, I had heard there were a few booths there, and indeed, we found three booths — two color (here and here), one black and white — at the carousel building in the center of the park. It’s still a little early in the season, and it was a little chilly at the park. Sadly, by the time of our visit, the machines hadn’t yeat been loaded with their chemicals and prepared for the summer rush. I peeked inside the booths, had a nice chat with Sue and Larry, and took some pictures of the booths, but I was a little sad not to have been able to take any photos. The park looks like a real gem of a place, and I’d love to return in better weather.

For more on the park, read this recent article from, titled “Sylvan Beach stands on the brink.”

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